Amp hook up help, amplifier wiring diagrams how to add an amplifier to your car audio system

Chris, You're describing one of the things that happens when an amplifier's gain, input sensitivity, isn't set properly. Not knowing exactly which you have makes it impossible to give advice on how to wire them together. Appreciate your input and advise, Mike. That's a recipe for blowing subwoofers. Once you've reconnected it, turn the vehicle on and check to see if your amp turned on.

When to Add a Power Amplifier to an A/V Receiver

Any help you could provide would be appreciated. And I'd be more confident in any advice I give you if I knew the brand names and model numbers of your gear. Matthew, You could use each of those amplifiers to drive each one of your subs. Could you give me a diagram that would make this possible? Is that supposed to work like that.

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Zach, Wire each sub to its amp like this diagram. Then you can set the receiver outputs for a subwoofer and get the bass control you're looking for. Put a rubber grommet in the hole to keep the wire from chaffing. Mike, That wiring kit will be fine for those two amplifiers as long as the main power cable run is no longer than about thirteen feet. According to the specs, you should be alright.

What would be the final impedence of the Subs? If the remote and power wires both check out okay, the next thing to look for is continuity on the ground wire. If it immediately blows, it indicates there is something dreadfully wrong with the power wiring, thebigandthebeautiful dating probably a short circuit to ground.

Hooking up a mono and 4 channel amp

Amplifier Wiring Diagrams How to Add an Amplifier to Your Car Audio System

My cap is powerful enough to have both connected. That's why articles like this Amplifier Wiring Diagram exist, to guide customers in their own installation. So would I be able to use my fade control for the front and rear?

If you do install a relay, do not use the amplifier's constant power connection for it. The first diagram shows a total system upgrade using an aftermarket receiver, two amplifiers, and a subwoofer. The wire between the fuse and the battery terminal will be unprotected, which is why you want this section to be as short as possible. Jeremy, If you bought your amplifier at Crutchfield, you could call Tech Support for free help troubleshooting your system. It will be unaffected by the placement of a capacitor.

Hooking up a mono and 4 channel amp

What software did you use to create the wiring diagram? If you want to power a subwoofer you will need to run the proper-size power wiring to the battery. The mids or hsk are w peak or w continuous. Due to my idiocy resulting in blowing my previous fuse what size fuse do you recommend I install for this new audio setup?

What is the best way to wire subs for most power? Blake, I'm unfamiliar with that amplifier, but it'll probably work with those subs. Now with your head unit at maximum undistorted volume move on to the next component. What's the best way to wire them to get good bass?

How to Fix Common Car Amp Problems

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Subwoofer Wiring Diagrams How to Wire Your Subs

If you are unsure then consult a professional. Some people think that installing an amplifier in their vehicle is hopelessly complicated and best left to a professional. Wear hearing protection when adjusting the amp's settings.

Speaker wires are most commonly found as bare, fifth harmony meaning that you would use a wire stripper to expose the strands at the ends. The impedance of a subwoofer coil is expressed in ohms. How would i wire the tweeters into this circut?

Pass the power wire through the firewall. It's a perfectly safe wiring scheme. Our Car amplifier installation guide offers a more detail description. Is this actually how it should be done?

When to Add a Power Amplifier to an A/V Receiver
The Easiest Way to Connect Speakers With Speaker Wire

How to Install a Car Amp (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Barry, Without knowing what vehicle you have, we can't help you with its speaker wiring. As for what speakers and amp to get, why don't you or your daughter give us a toll-free call at and talk to an Advisor for help building the best system. Ed, We at Crutchfield pride ourselves on helping our customers choose products and install them themselves. How do you wire a sub if your head unit does not have sub outputs? And it's usually best to ground both amplifiers to the same spot on the chassis, by way of a ground block or not.

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  1. Our day money-back guarantee.
  2. Without knowing precisely what amp and subs you're referring to, we can't help you with advice.
  3. This will ensure better contact between the negative power wire terminal and the vehicle ground.
  4. However, there are in-helmet sound systems that may work for head-banging.
  5. My plan was to run the amp bridged and connect both sub positives to the one positive terminal on the amp, and likewise for the negatives.
  6. Johnny, If your receiver only has a pair of subwoofer outputs, the simplest way to feed all four of your amplifier's channels is to use a couple of Y-cords to split the two channels into four.

And would i need to run the wires from the headunit to the speaker then from the speakers to the amp? Craig, You may find it easier to go ahead and run the factory rear speakers off the amplifier until you get replacements. Situate these wires away from the power wires. My question is for rca's, christmas gifts for do I need a separate set for each channel? You just installed a car audio amplifier.

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What amplifier required for best effects? Mount your amplifier on a solid surface that will not conduct electricity. Run the wire from the interior of the vehicle, through the hole and to the battery area, single being very careful to avoid pinch points and moving parts in the engine bay.

Not knowing exactly which you have makes it impossible to give advice on what amplifier to use. Yes, it means that I have to run cables from receiver to the amp, and then from amp back to the receiver area where main wiring harness is. In other words, do not mount it on a metal surface. Do you think there is a safe way? Equal Loudness Curves - courtesy of Hyperphysics.

  • From everything I've read on this site, this should work just fine, if not well, correct?
  • Eventually I moved back to Charlottesville, Virginia and opened a small demo recording studio.
  • As the typical subwoofer amplifier will be two or three times more powerful than the full-range amp in a system, that's where the greatest demand will occur, when the bass hits.
How to Connect Speakers Using Speaker Wire

These things are monsters, I'm having trouble finding an amp that can power these things without buying something that has way to much power. Lastly, would it be just as appropriate to ground each amp separately as they will be under the driver and passenger seat respectively opposed to running them to a ground block? Or just from the speaker to the amp. Without knowing which you have, we can't help with wiring. The sub is rated at w rms.

Just pretend, in the upper diagram, that the two amps share the same chassis and do not need the extra power, ground, or turn-on lead wires. Wire it like this diagram. Hey Buck I have gone through the diagrams and understand the wiring for the most part. So I am looking at another sub or two. Check out this article for help with that.

Buck, Last question, I promise. Their toll-free number will be on your invoice. Or if either of those amps could even power those subs?


Which is the best way to hook them up to get more bass or do I need a bigger amp? What would happen if you hooked it up and the subs blew? If you do hook your amp up to the one-ohm setup, it will probably overheat or go into protect mode.

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