Austin and ally dating fanfiction Austin and ally dating fanfiction

Austin and ally dating fanfiction

And she's obviously too excited to ask random questions, which was very rare from her.

Ally bends down and takes her book out from under the counter. When they get to Austin's house he parks in his drive way. Austin gives her a funny look.

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It depends on what Cassidy wants. He gets blank paper and writes down the song's lyrics in a flash, and he's out the door in no time.

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Login Stay on this Page. Wait, why am I blushing?

In the music room, Austin and Ally crack up. Ally sings a little, too.

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The title says it all! They walk into the house not welcomed to a good surprise.

So so so sorry, I have no idea what the slot that holds the music sheet is called XD. Austin grips Ally's book for a better look at the new song, brushing Ally's hand in the process.

I'm planning on writing a Bolt fanfiction soon! That's, like, a cherry and whipped cream on top of a Pants Sundae!

This made Ally's stomach flip-and not for a good cause. But not the "date" you think. How do y'all fanfictioners like it so far?

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Sneaking is there only option. I never blush in front of Austin. When there parents get into a big fight they are left stuck. Ally's New Hair Style 3. They play the piano with a rhythmic, fast pace.

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