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The numbers you quote are inconsistent with the Baikal numbering system. Hi and thank you for your kind words. Previous topic Next topic.

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Actually it's pretty easy. The trigger guard one is in plain view. Kind regards from Belgium, Lothar Like Like. Is there a way to post or send photos? Do you know de production date?

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To date the other gun I must know the model Like Like. View this post on Instagram. It was so much fun I bought a second. Can you tell me what year has it been manufactured?
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  1. See if you can find someone not necessarily a gunsmith, but the person must have a profound knowledge of steels and their properties who can make it.
  2. Very few, but then thats the shooters fault!
  3. Is it an auto ejector or manual?
  4. Ol, thank you for your compliments.
  5. Hello, And thank you for the response.
  6. Probably more than the price you could get if you sold it.

Unfortunately many letters and letter combinations were used on two or even three different years, this is not very reliable. To date the other gun I must know the model. The below refers to guns made by IzhMech plant in Izhevsk. America by the grace of God. The gun has a straight grip, best dating service dallas which seems to be original.

Hi Aleksei, hope you are well. In the first years of production, Izh had semi-oval, rather than semi-circular, stock-action joint as well. Quite frankly, I like the gun a lot. The letters were not a date code, you're right about that, but generally the letter will narrow the possible mfg year to two or three years, and sometimes will give you the exact year.

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Nicolai, you can try and send pics to morozov at huntportal dot ru Like Like. Ducks positively hate that. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Thank you very much in advance, all the best!

Which year of production is that? Hi Aleksei, recently got one shot gun legacy from grandpa. Hi, loved the article- very informative! Kind regards from Belgium, Lothar.

Hi, Heath, your gun seems to be vintage. Very informative and entertaining. Made in Russia, Izjmash - one of two biggest firearms manifacturers in Russia.

My son bought himself a Baikal Vostok? Where is the serial number on a Baikal? Baikal is a trademark, now Remington marketing them as Spartan. Hi, Izh is one of the most highly esteemed models of Soviet shotguns. It's tight, reliable, and does everything you would expect of a much more expensive shotgun.

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Email required Address never made public. Yes, the finish might be just a bit rough, but my Baikal has functioned flawlessly. Yes, the maker gives this figure Like Like.

  • Do you know when it was manufactured?
  • Can you help me with the manufacture date?
  • He's sold a number of them and the buyers are happy with them.
  • As I have understood, there was made about of these?

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Can you send pics to morozov. Even the stock is decent hardwood. No, create an account now. Yours ought to be from the s. Any ideas where to find parts to this gun?

Can you help us identify it from the stamped number? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The letter codes can be traced back to mfg year, I used to upload a letter code to date table somewhere here. Then I found a spare barrel of a different length with a sling stud, so I bought that too!

You turn it downwards, then open the action as for reloading, and the barrels come off for cleaning or whatever. Mine loves old-fashioned fiber wad ammo and patterns it tighter than tight. However, in spite of all abuse, this gun still goes bang and, in some parts of the world, is considered a perfectly usable and even desirable hunting weapon.

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Beech stock, straight grip? Hi, Chris, sure, but not just now. Baikal has been making sporting guns in Russia for many years. Can U tell me a estimate production year?

What you see on the side of the action is not the safety, dating rumors dancing with but the barrel disengagement lever. Thank You and greetings from Romania. Does the serial number a make it old? But we dont know much about it.

Model identification of Russian hunting shotguns that were exported through official channels is usually very easy. My friend stocks them in his shop so I've gotten to handled and shoot a few. The chokes for these guns are on the top left barrel. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

They are well-made basic firearms that have gathered a lot of following in the last few years as their fit-and-finish has improved through their association with western gun dealers. The double-letter guns are especially hard to date. Shield with arrow could be Baikal logo?

Could you possibly list all know numbers and years or it was already put somewhere on the net? Maybe those are just the export models, dating online the one I have must have been made for the local market. Can you send a pic of the markings to morozov at huntportal dot ru?


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