Dating agency cyrano recap ep 4 Dating agency cyrano recap ep 4

Dating agency cyrano recap ep 4

I was also questioning whether ah rang just liked her because she told him she liked him, glad they addressed it in this episode.

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Thanks JB for the recap. And Sooyoung is doing a fine job thus far.

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Episodes by LollyPip. Usually I have issues with naive and bubbly but her character has enough merits to make up for it. Realistically speaking, it is not possible for the chef to eat the dish and just cook another less-appetizing dish for the customer because there is only one Se Kyung.

I love Lee Tae-min! In real life, if not a minor, I don't care about the age gap. They've made her up to look older than she actually is, and lee jong hyuk has always appeared younger than his actual age.

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It's stalled like on episode 14 for me. Wouldn't Do Il have mentioned a brother to BH or at least introduced them way back when?

I was wondering whether fireman Chul-soo knows Master from a previous life since the two thugs in the previous Ep mentioned something about a firefighting squad possibly a gang name? Ace July 3, at 3: And I won't be surprised if she is good at acting too because she is such a jack of all trades! It irks me because it's such a unrealistic and odd take on love of course you fall in love with someone for any number of reasonsbut those lines surface in K-dramas ever so often.

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Episode 6 by abirdword. I'm guessing that Master was the last loan shark for Do il, and was how Do il was able to consolidate his debts, and now Byung hoon is paying it to Master though he doesn't know it's him. When Arang simply smiles warmly back at her, she stalks off more annoyed than before.

I have to say again that the music in this show for this episode, since I haven't seen any others is fantastic. It's been a really long time since I've had a romantic Kdrama that I was excited for! They keep an eye on their target Lee Yoon-jiand avoid her gaze when she gets up and furiously marches through the aisles.

Hmm, does our target like someone else now? Moo jin, even though silent, should not be passed off as a filler character. Thanks for the recap He realises that his feelings for her could never surpass the amount of that Ray has.

Ho-yeol shakes off his handlers to hang back at school, reassuring them that he can dating agency cyrano recap ep 4 care of himself.

Can't wait for next week! Buy his cheekbones are always glistening so that's a plus!

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Finally a young female character who could survive in real world. As if two boys playing with her emotions weren't enough, an entire dating agency is planning how she falls in love.

You know what I mean?

Min-young yanks him back, he barrels forward, and that causes them to fall. At first, reading that Lee Jong Hyuk and Sooyoung would be together I doubted how they were going to work it because they have 16 years difference and you can't imagine these two together kissing or whatever but the episode proved me wrong. I totally missed that!

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