Dating chair styles How to Identify Antique Chair Styles

Dating chair styles

Antique chairs have a distinctive appearance, even when compared to exact replicas, especially when you look at the results of long use and age on the antique chair.

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Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks. The first aspect is the joinery ; machine-cut furniture was not produced until about A real antique is very rarely perfectly cut; a reproduction with the same components will be because a machine will have cut it.

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Signature features used by the designer often characterize antique chairs. Shipping furniture can be a costly proposition.

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Until Victorian times, shellac was the only clear surface finish; lacquer and varnish were not developed until the mids. Handmade dovetails almost always indicate a piece made before Always check the size and weight of any piece of antique furniture that interests you.

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Other leg speed dating uni bonn include the saber, spiral and spider, tapered or straight leg. Becoming knowledgeable about dating chair styles furniture takes research, even if you are dating chair styles on only one aspect of this wide-ranging subject. Many designers used both domestic and imported woods for their chairs, some of which include African mahogany, an exotic, imported wood.

When trying to identify antique furniture, dedicated antique hunters search for beautifully preserved pieces, armed with pins, magnifying glasses, spirit levels and all sorts of testing equipment.

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On handmade furniture, rungs, slats, spindles, rockers, and other small-diameter components are not uniform. If it has only a few dovetail joints, with pins narrower than the dovetails, then the joint was made by hand.

A lacquer or varnish finish is a sure sign of later manufacture. And that is even if you are focusing on only one aspect of this very diverse subject. Research English Furniture American Furniture.

Tips & Advice on Identifying Antique Furniture

The type of wood is the final clue. Example of a late 18th century colonial home. Antique chairs were often made from rosewood, elm, bird's-eye maple, oak, walnut, hickory, ash and cherry.

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