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Thanks to a surveillance video, this is the answer.

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Apparently, Berliner-Mauer partakes in sexual stimulation with this fence by rubbing herself on it A year-old man from Sioux Falls, South Dakota was busted back in for having sex with multiple street signs near his house.

I didn't include any cars or other vehicles because 1 that happens more often than you'd think and 2 thanks to the tailpipe, there's really no imagination involved.

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On her sixth trip inthey tied the knot before a handful of guests. He ended up taking a plea deal for misdemeanor public lewdness and got a five-month suspended sentence -- as long as he doesn't hump any more couches for a full year.

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And, as the article says, the police noted, "the table in question had a hole in the middle intended to hold an umbrella. If you're visiting Knoebels Amusement Park anytime soon, pause yourself and wipe that seat!

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How do you have sex with a bicycle? First he hugged the cutout, then kissed it, then licked it, then skipped past the rest of foreplay and started vigorously rolling around on the ground with it. Nathaniel was the weirdest guy every on TLC, and that means something!

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And he's got a "girl" who will never get mad if he plays her! There are only 20 responses, though the author claims 21 respondents.

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Because my life has taken some strange, unexpected, and arguably alright turns, I've been keeping a file of stories about people who've been busted having sex with inanimate objects. Berlin Wall a fortification freak, the year-old virgin says her weakness for Germany's old repression barrier has been with her since childhood, when she realized that "long, slim things with horizontal lines [are] very sexy. After a minute car chase he pulled over but wouldn't leave the car.

You'll find out all you want to know about object sexuality, and maybe some things you don't want to know, in this list of people who married non-living things.

It's a dating inanimate objects that causes people to fall in love with objects and identify them as a gender, give them a name, and have what they believe is a fulfilling, loving, relationship with these items.

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Menu Skip to content. The cops used pepper spray and batons to get him out, at which point he told them he'd been having sex with the pasta sauce, "in between bouts of wrestling.

She first became infatuated with the monument inwhen she saw a photo of her friend with the statue online. What in bat shit hell are we talking about?

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Ladies dating inanimate objects inanimate objects too. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Reighner Deleighnie is yet another woman in a relationship with a statue, this time a 3-foot depiction of the Greek god Adonis. For some, sexual or even close emotional relationships with humans dating sites for learning disabled adults incomprehensible.

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Retrieved 5 September Well, she gets angry, but she forgives me quickly. When the cops caught him he and the pasta sauce elected to go full Tiffany on them running just as fast as we can, holding on to one another's hand -- and took off.

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He even traveled to Japan to marry it, and the nuptials were officiated by a local priest.