Dating ptolemaic coins Dating ptolemaic coins

Dating ptolemaic coins

There is a very unusual additional specimen of these types, Svshown below in the countermark section because it has a unique large EB or BE countermark on the obverse and might be a re-marking of this type as a Berenike coin.

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Didrachm Silver, 20 mm, 6. SNG Copenhagen ff.


With the three largest denominations identified as coins of other series or their very existence as separate types in doubt, there's not enough left to identify 'Series 6E' as a series at all. Includes 45 datings ptolemaic coins of plates illustrating over coins.

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Full attribution of the each specific countermark type awaits additional research. Svoronos ; SNGCop Obverse die signed by the artist D.

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The largest coins of this group are sometimes easily confused with ones of equal size, but quite different style, associated with the reign of Ptolemy VI Svoronos, Some have different combinations of additional symbols along with the date - lotus flower, petasos, etc. These coins are fairly scarce and the overstriking of a type sometimes attributed to Aretas II, Athena obverse over standing Nike reverse almost always obliterates the undertype to a degree that makes the undertype not specifically identifiable.

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Cut almost in half in antiquity, otherwise, good very fine. VF, thick earthen dark green patina. A perfectly centered and unusually complete example.

i. Greek Kings of Egypt

From the collection of Dr. Svoronos ; SNG Copenhagen —7.

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VF, dark brown surfaces. It may be this is a single series, but it might include issues ranging over a lengthy period of time of different Ptolemaic kings. In contrast to the related denomination series from Sidon and Tyre, only these 3 sizes and weight denominations are known. Some of these also have a K or KP monogram of unknown meaning on the obverse behind the main design figure's head. Scratches on obverse and reverse. Ashton's report on Ptolemaic bronzes at Fethiye Turkey reported a large number of trident coins of the two smaller types.

We believe the earliest are the types with only letters or monograms to the left of the eagle top rowlikely begun dating ptolemaic coins Ptolemy I and continued into the reign of Ptolemy II. VF, dark green patina, some roughness on reverse.

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Types with portrait group A are rare and those with portrait style C are relatively scarce. The almost invariant type of these coins have only a head of Zeus on the obverse rather than a portrait of one of the Ptolemaic kings that would indicate the reigning authority.

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Svoronos and the two middle sized types with cornucopiaea on opposites sides are shown here. Prepared by the Athens Numismatic Museum Greece and the Department of Coins and Medals of the British Museum, London UKthe project seeks to bring the public in touch with the coinage issued by three major city-states of Hellenic antiquity: Some edge nicks and small scratches. These new coin designs appear on several of the subsequent series and are found in substantial numbers in hoards of the 2nd C.

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Only the largest, as before, has two eagles on the reverse. BC depictions of Ptolemaic Queen portraits on smaller bronze coins. EOS] Eagle standing l.