Dating with emotional baggage 5 Signs Your Emotional Baggage Is Sabotaging Your Relationship

Dating with emotional baggage, deal with your own feelings first.

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You thought she was perfect, but why is she in the bedroom crying on the phone with her mother? These are women in dire need of professional therapy.

Go ahead a date someone with baggage. Sometimes after a long day or work or school it is hard to be considerate of your partner.

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Some women are of the free variety — free to act, free to think and, most importantly, free of a sordid history that may be putting up emotional roadblocks. And a lot of that begins with self-awareness. It is never your job to keep someone happy or feel pressured to do so. Check your luggage at the door. Whatever the case, some people carry around baggage. My advice is to step away or step back from any tense moment and consider alternative ways of handling the situation. As I've gotten older, though, and have been in more and longer term relationships, my opinions on all of this have changed quite a bit.

I am a fully grown woman, and while cuddling is enough for me, a man—especially a man who has no intent on waiting for marriage—will get another dating with emotional baggage from what I assume is a simple cuddle.

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We've written in the past about the secrets healthy couples shouldn't keep. Triggers Simple words, phrases or actions can trigger some unpleasant memories for people.

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My hair looks good though. When you do open up try to listen with no judgment, no criticism and no comments.


She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and hopes to have her first novel out soon. He might just be waiting for an encouraging smile from you. You are his girlfriend, not his therapist.

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You can do it!