Instance matchmaking tera too high a level for a dungeon

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The reason why sometimes it's immediate and sometimes it's after 5mins it's because it's looking for a healer first. I am a new instance matchmaking tera and I have been solo every dungeon in normal mode.

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TeraOnline submitted 2 years ago by Alyassus. Hey there- If I skip the dungeon, what happens to the instance matchmaking tera line?

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Maybe this will help you: As a kindness, I often invite DPS from my server to join me in my insta-queue. XP rewards in groups are based on the level of the opponent defeated, the total levels of the characters involved in killing it and their levels relative to one another. The Instance Matching tool is a function that can be used to queue your character in a selected dungeon.

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For example, if you're a level 28 slayer looking for a Sinestral Manor dungeon run, you might type: Already have an account? Don't post users' personal information. The easiest way to form a party is to hook up with just one other player and tackle normal monsters or quests.

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There are three main roles—tank, damage dealer, and healer. Once the LFG has five players, the listing will close itself out.

If you skip the dungeon and a story quest is involved, you will not further in the story. Parties are also a way to complete "regular" quest content quickly, and in good company.

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Once it's found a healer then it will keep looking for a tank. DPS que times are extremely long. Someone's going to have to take aggro, and keep it long enough to get one of these key roles back on their feet.

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MrSath Profile Options 1 0. If you have time to rest up at a campfire, do so. All balanced parties need a healer. No account or tech-support posts.

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