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Must Read Topics 9 Can someone explain state hospital care to me. Weed made things worse so I always avoid it. Schizophrenics also have trouble reading social cues, which can lead to arguments and misunderstandings.

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Do all you can to avoid setting dating for jehovahs witnesses and your daughter up for unhappiness. She told me she "likes" me, but can't express it at the time because she is focusing on her studies, and I told her I liked her to for a long while now as schizophrenia dating someone. I lean on my therapist and psychiatrist and a few friends.

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It sounds like he is in the process of figuring out what works for him well. He has only had one episode in which he hurt himself. You can't and shouldn't expect yourself to handle all the emotional stress alone. As for incidents, the shit I mentioned in my first post actually happened.

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Use the generosity networking technique. Things can be overwhelming, but it swings between ok and bad. So if you are still not seeing this person seriously, consider whether you will be able to get emotionally involved schizophrenia dating someone someone who requires long term treatment and support.

OP, I too would say learn all you can about it. Reddit sounded like a great place to hear about schizophrenia.

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You may not have been thinking any of that, but I felt the warning needed to be said. If he has a problem or wants someone to talk to, he'll immediately call me. I really like him, he really likes me.

Schizophrenia And Relationships

I would believe that he must have had more than one episode to be diagnosed with shizophrenia. And his negative symptoms like lack of interest in life, lack of drive, energy may prevent him from exercising and stuff. However, I don't know if I'm setting my expectations too high. In such a situation the first thing you need to do is gather as much information about the illness as you can. People who feel jealousy are not all in that boat.

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It all started on our first date. She's really sweet, and nice, and me and her have tons of things in common.

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Opt for couples counseling or joint therapy in order to better communicate with your partner as well as to meet the challenges in your relationship together. Perpetuating stigma is forbidden. I have a 2 year old daughter and would like to start seeing this guy, but I don't really know much about this disease. Jan 30, '11 by mtdnk.