Who was finn dating when he died Why Didn't 'Glee' Reveal How Finn Hudson Died?

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Finn gets increasingly annoyed during their dance and yells at her to stand up. Rachel eventually comes around and performs a song and dance medley from "Chicago" with Holly Holliday, with Finn enthusiastically cheering and supporting his girlfriend from the audience.

Lonely and frequently bullied, Rory asks Finn to be his friend, and Finn agrees — if Rory will let Finn know of news about anyone quitting Glee Club. Asking for the football team to win the game, so that Artie can feel good, he rationalizes that God owes it to Artie, since "he screwed him in the leg department.

Feeling blue? Well you're in good company, it's our colour of choice for summer too!

Finn and Kurt also helps Sue sort out Jean's things in the nursing home. View Gallery View Gallery 10 Photos. Finn asks Rachel for help.

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He then goes to Emma's office to see her all upset because of the wedding plans, and thinking that Will doesn't like it. However, when Rachel tries to dance sexily in order to seduce him, Finn stops her as it makes him feel uncomfortable. Retrieved July 15, Finn Hudson is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee.

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Retrieved May 3, While his mother is thrilled, Finn is uncomfortable with the arrangement, especially since he and Kurt will be sharing a bedroom.

Finn performs Sing with Rachel and New Directions. Finn however refuses to give up on them again. Finn sings and plays drums in Hot For Teacher. Upset, she watches as Santana announces that Finn is suddenly more attractive to her, before turning and staring straight ahead.

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But what we didn't learn was how the year-old quarterback died three weeks prior before the shiny-happy, nothing-to-see-here two-part Beatles-based premiere. Retrieved March 31, Emma tries to make him feel better by pointing out that the big questions are unanswered for a reason, and that everyone struggles to answer them, not just him, so he's not alone. As an apology, Rachel sings The Only Exception in front of the whole Glee Club, dedicating the song to her boyfriend and explains that she finally truly understands what he was saying.

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Later, Kurt talks to Finn about his engagement with Rachel, and leaves him thinking about his future. He says that he booked the auditorium for late Friday night, and he whom were finns dating when he died the club shows up.

Club said that he and Michele were "both agreeable and a little desperate for an outlet" in the pilot episode. After a promising start, the non-glee members quit the club and are kicked off the team; at the same time, Sue arranges to have the cheerleading Regionals rescheduled to conflict with the football championship to sabotage both Beiste and Will, whose glee club now has to do the halftime show.

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Rachel, however, is happy Finn is no longer on the football team because she won't have to worry about him getting hurt, or worse, cheating on her with a Cheerio.

Finn tells Mr Schue about his plans for joining the army, and Will is concerned. How the Queen's millions are 'invested Schuester has assigned the Glee Club to perform and dress as Lady Gaga. Finn admits that he was using her.